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you are 100% correct white haired boys are def my thing i have no excuse for not drawing clear before p.s. im sorry he’s just a floating head

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Artist: クノツキ
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tragic anime boy w/ white hair.png

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Clear is my favorite out of all the boys.

His route was such a roller coaster of feels,

It made me an emotional wreck by the end haha.

I felt the same way when I finished playing The Walking Dead.

Watching somebody you care about deeply,

Slowly loosing their life is such a powerful emotion.

I’ve never felt this kind of emotion in real life.

- - -

I recently powered through Re:connect.

And Clear’s bad end was so heart breaking that I cried again,

So I drew something to cheer myself up.

I would love to have a robot boyfriend one day haha.

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I did the thing (sorry for my terrible hand writing ovo)

I like to think that mink and koujaku are wild sleepers who dont know that clear doesnt sleep. so clear just moves out the way and watches them sleep fight each other until one falls off…which is koujaku because im pretty sure mink is stronger…

but lbr here…they are both just nerds

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Idk how it happened but here’s some Minkuri..

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Finished the Clear drawing I had been working on

I can’t draw jellyfishes

Used picture from Senshistock as a reference to the pose

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impalamoose thanks for letting me redraw <3 i wasn’t able to reblog this pic under your cosplay so i’ll just tag you

hope you like it :3 thanks again :D

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クリア | 5 3 [pixiv]
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クリア | 5 3 [pixiv]
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クリア | 5 3 [pixiv]
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DMMD落書きoxide2 [pixiv]
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drew AoClear for 69 Min dmmd challenge on twitter!

haven’t drawn these babes in a long time