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Clear in a hoodie?
Hoodies everywhere and on everybody

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Clear’s route messed me all the way up….

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By : 茄Papa

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist

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Riding a Jelly Dow The Clouds.

Felt like drawing Clear on a jellyfish


Bonus: https://31.media.tumblr.com/197a3e8c8a65de67f839e9df7f3df9a0/tumblr_n9ju6spD8M1ra7bifo1_1280.png

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Wow I wonder who my favorite character from dmmd is….

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Clear as a Jellyfish

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clear’s route gave me so much heart pains, but i loved how it was so bittersweet and made you think more about stuff ;w;

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master master 

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+流星+ | 火页 
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within the last day or so I really got attached to iirezumi and gasmxsks's mizuclear rp and I was just getting so mushy over every other post because WOW HERE'S MY RAREPAIR OF AN OTP INTERACTING AND IT'S SO GOOD so I sat myself down and sketched this not so quickly since their blogs inspired me to do so.

And if you like mizuclear too you should look at their blogs because they’ve got on point characterization plus they rp like they’re the actual characters blogging away at the keyboard and I was really charmed by the that and of course they are really cute so. go do it (please). 

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((Clear singing is so angelic hhhhh been hearing in loop. Had to make a quick doodle, tho did not properly finishgomen ))

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[ Between the waves ] - Full size :  
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クラゲの歌♪ | 勺子 
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Clear’s “good” end was the first route I completed in Dramatical Murder, and I’ve been in love with him ever since.